Letting our Light Shine

In September 2021, we decided to look at our School Vision with fresh eyes, to see what was really important to us not only as a school, but also as a school family. With the involvement of our children, staff, governors and parents, we created a vision for the future of our school that we are all excited to be living out. 


‘With Jesus as our guide, St Peter’s is a loving school family, which equips children and adults with the strength, courage and belief to flourish and live life in all its fullness.


We hope to ignite a lifelong love of learning, helping our children to discover and use their own individual gifts. By letting their light shine brightly, they will make the world a better place.’


This vision was borne from this verse from Matthew 5

‘Let your light shine before others.’ Matthew 5:16

The children developed their own 3-word vision that we see them living out on a daily basis. The children also developed the symbols to go with the words. 


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