Spirituality is difficult to put into words and something that can be challenging to understand, so we have tried to explain it in child friendly language, with words to help visualize what it means.

What is spirituality?

‘Spirituality is not something that we can see; it is something we can feel inside ourselves – the invisible string that connects us to God and to each other. It is about awe and wonder, asking the ‘big questions’, inspiration and being aware of something ‘greater’ beyond ourselves.’

In simple terms, we want to develop these things within the children:

  • A sense of awe and wonder
  • A care for nature and living things
  • A desire to love and be loved


At Mawdesley St Peter’s, we provide opportunities for spiritual development through:


Seeing the world in new ways; both the things that amaze us and challenge us.


Thinking deeply and reflecting on our experiences and life’s big questions.


Doing God’s work on earth by putting our beliefs and values into action and letting our light shine before others.